Chairman Joe Donde

Siaya Public Service Board


The primary role of our County Public Service Board is to provide the County with human resource that is capable of efficient and cost effective service delivery. We continue to believe that our actions in the response to the needs of the County must be effective and timely, while accepting that management excellence is also essential for successful implementation of our mission and goals.

The Siaya Public Service Board was established under Section 57  of the County Government’s  Act ,No.17 of 2012 as a  body  corporate  with perpetual  succession  and a seal , capable  of  suing  and being  sued  in  its own name. Section 58 of the County Government’s Act  provides  for  the composition  of the Board.

The mandate of the County Public Service Board is set out in articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010



Commitment to excellent public service delivery in Siaya County



To provide quality and cost effective service delivery in partnership with stakeholders in Siaya County


Commitment to quality service  - The Board shall ensure that it has the capacity and skills to offer timely and cost effective service delivery that  meets the aspiration of the County public service as expected in the National and International values and principles on Governance.


Professionalism - The Board shall undertake its duties without compromising the  values and standards.


Transparency & Accountability - The Board shall uphold  openness and take responsibility in the discharge of its mandate.


Meritocracy - The Board shall ensure capability and talent alongside other qualifications in recruiting, appraising and retaining public servants in the County through evidence based approach.


Integrity - The Board shall adhere to acceptable and beyond reproach professional and personal standards in the conduct of its affairs.


Creativity - The Board shall continuously seek and apply new ideas, methods and technology in the discharge of its duties.


Team work - The Board shall maintain a reasonable degree of cohesiveness,  cooperation and team spirit through documenting and  sharing best practices both internally and externally.








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Siaya County Public Service Board is an Equal Opportunity Employer”