The Public Service  Board ,Siaya County  was established under Section 57  of the County Government’s  Act ,No.17 of 2012 as a  body  corporate  with perpetual  succession  and a seal , capable  of  suing  and being  sued  in  its own name. Section 58 of the County Government’s Act  provides  for  the composition  of the Board .


As at 1st July, 2014 the Board  is currently  composed  of 6 members  as follows:


1. Mr. Joe Aketch Donde, Chairman from Gem Sub County

2. Mrs. Florence Oketch, Vice Chairman from Rarieda Sub County

3. Dr. Nicholas Kut Ochogo, Member from Alego Usonga Sub County

4. Ms. Rosemary Okumu, Member from Ugunja Sub County

5. Mr. John Wangach Okere, Member from Ugenya Sub County

6. Mr. Ismael Noo Onyango, Member from Bondo Sub County

7. Mr. William Luballo, The Secretary/CEO