Applications are invited from qualified candidates for the positions shown below;








 Positions: - 1

 Terms of Service: - 5 Year Contract


 Duties and Responsibilities

The Officer will be the Accounting and Authorized Officer for the Department and will also be responsible for the following:

1. General administration and coordination of the respective County Department.

2. Development, implementation and review of policies, Sector Plans and Budgets.

3. Overseeing management of Departmental resources, preparation of budget estimates, annual work plans and Programmes.

4. Formulation and implementation of effective programs aligned to County visions and sector goals.

5. Development/selection and deployment of suitable e-government applications to enhance delivery of public service on electronic platform.

6. Implementation and monitoring of the Performance Management system.

7. Ensuring that Departmental staff are capacity built for effective service delivery.

8. Organizing and coordinating consultative forums with Stakeholders

9. Promotion of National Values and Principles of Good Governance as outlined in Articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution of Kenya.

10. Ensure effective service delivery through implementation of laid out policies and regulations.

11. Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.  


Requirements for Appointment

  For appointment to this grade a candidate must:-

1. Be a Kenyan Citizen

2. Be in possession of a first degree in a relevant field from a University recognized   in Kenya. A Master's degree in a relevant field will be an added advantage.

3. Have relevant knowledge and experience of not less than ten (10) years in a Management position in Public Service or Private Sector.

4. Demonstrate understanding of devolution, county development objectives and vision 2030.

5. Demonstrate a thorough understanding and commitment to the values and principles as outlined in Articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

6. Be a strategic and result oriented individual and able to work under pressure to meet strict deadlines.

7. Satisfy the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 on Leadership and Integrity.

8. Have knowledge and experience in Programme Based Budgeting, Planning and Financial  analysis.




 Positions: - 1

 Terms of Service: - 6 Years non-renewable Contract


Duties and Responsibilities

The Director of Public Participation will be deployed at the headquarters in the County Secretary's Office and will be responsible for the following:

1. Coordinating public participation activities of the County Government

2. Mobilize and organize the public, stakeholders and local communities to participate in county governance and decision making processes;

3. Sensitize the public on County structures and opportunities for Public Participation;

4. Establishing linkages with local and international institutions, Associations and organisations whose objectives are to promote Public Participation within the County;

5. Collaborate with relevant institutions in the County to promote access to information and civic education programmes;

6. Establish an appropriate feedback mechanism to the public;

7. Ensure that the citizen participation processes adhere to the relevant legislation, regulations, policies or guidelines affecting the rights and responsibilities of the public officers and participants;

8. Facilitate public education and training programmes relating to citizen participation;

9. Receiving and coordinating citizen petitions within the County Executive;

10. Maintain a depository of all information, correspondence and documentation on public participation and citizen petitions within the County Executive;

11. Assessing the public responsiveness to public participation and making recommendation to the County Executive Committee Member;

12. Submitting reports to the County Executive Committee Member on public participation and citizen petitions within the County Executive;

13. Advise the County Executive Committee Member generally on the appropriate policies, plans and strategies for enhancing public participation in the county; and

14. Carry out any other function in furtherance of the objects and purpose of this Act as may be assigned by the County Executive Committee Member.


Requirements for Appointment

     For appointment to this grade, an officer must have:-

1. Served in Deputy Director Public Participation or equivalent for at least (3) years

2. Masters Degree or Post Graduate Diploma or equivalent in any Social Science from a recognized Institution.

3. A Strategic Leadership Development Programme or equivalent from a recognized Institution.

4. Have knowledge and relevant experience in community service or social work.

5. Meet the requirement of leadership and integrity set out in chapter six of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.




Positions: - 1

Terms of Service: - Permanent and Pensionable or Contract depending on age of the Candidate


Duties and Responsibilities

Reporting to the Chief Officer for Governance and Administration, the Principal Security Officer will be responsible for security of County Government
personnel, physical properties, and visitors in respective County Government premises and installations. Responsibilities include the following:-

1. Ensure that the contracted security services effectively guard CGS premises and installations

2. Facilitate preparation and implementation of CGS Security Policy and Procedures on issues touching on security.

3. Oversee implementation of the CGS Security Policy and Procedures in all facilities of CGS.

4. Oversee security surveillance in all CGS installations in respective areas.

5. Ensure the existence of cordial relations with the communities neighboring CGS installations in Liaison with other CGS Divisions and Departments Operational Responsibilities

6. Conduct ad-hoc inspections to all CGS installations when appropriate in order to establish the level of alertness and preparedness of the contracted security provided.

7. Be the overall security liaison officer between CGS and National Government security organs on behalf of the CGS

8. Be the overall in charge of contract administration for CGS and contracted security firm.

9. Submit monthly security reports to the Chief Officer of Governance and Administration and copy the same to County Secretary

10. Verify and confirm the authenticity of monthly security invoices by security service providers for timely and accurate payment.

11. Formulate standard Security Operating Procedures for all CGS installations and ensure that its implementation is fully adhered to.

12. Liaise with Government Security agencies on all aspects regarding to CGS security.

13. Coordinate preparation of enforment officer duty rosters throughout the CGS.

14. Assist in preparation of security budget as part of the Governance and Administration department budget.

15. Assist in the preparation of standard operating procedure for handling sensitive information and intelligence.


    Requirements for Appointment

1. Possess a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences or Security related disciplines

2. Posses Security certifications from government (Military or Police) or International Security Institutions

3. Be a member of local or international security bodies to International Security bodies.

4. Previous relevant work experience required. At least seven (7) years experience in the Military or Police having attained a substantive rank equivalent Chief Inspector or Captain or above.

5. Meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010

6. Possession of Master's Degree will be an added advantage

7. Posses the following functional skills:-

i. Supervisory and Managerial
ii. Leadership

iii. Communication
iv. Investigative

v. Intelligence gathering

vi. Emotional Intelligence and

vii. Cultural Intelligence/Diversity
 viii. Interpersonal skills

ix. Be computer literate








Positions: - 1

Terms of Service: - Permanent and Pensionable or Contract depending on age of the candidate


Duties and Responsibilities

Reporting to the Chief Officer Youth Affairs, Gender & Social Services. Responsibilities include the following:-

1. Oversee establishment Management and operationalization of Youth empowerment centers and promotion of Youth Enterprises

2. Develop implementation and evaluate the relevant division's strategic plans, programmes and projects in collaboration with other departments and stakeholders.

3. Interpret and apply National and County laws and other related statues in the relevant division in line with County goals and Objectives.

4. Organize, direct, control and coordinate functions of the division for effective running of the department.

5. Develop appropriate County Department policies, legal and institutional frame works for implementation of the mandate of the division.

6. Oversee preparation of annual work plans and financial budgets to ensure proper utilization of Resources.

7. Coordination of production, documentation and dissemination of the relevant division's Departments.


Requirements for Appointment

1. Degree in relevant field from recognized University

2. Master Degree in relevant field

3. Must be computer literate

4. Must have served as a deputy director Youth Affairs, Gender and Social Services or a relevant position in a government or it’s equivalent for a period of at least 3 years

5. Strategic Leadership Development Programme or it’s equivalent from a recognized institution.

6. Must be conversant with polices in relevant field.





All applicants are expected to attach copies of the following additional documents

1. Tax compliance certificates

2. Clearance from HELB where necessary

3. Clearance from the Ethics and anti- corruption commission

4. Clearance from the CRB.

5. Certificate of Good Conduct from the police

Interested and qualified persons are requested to make their applications by downloading and completing the application for employment forms available on this website, attach copies of their credentials and send to 

The Secretary/CEO

Siaya County Public Service Board,

P.O. Box 390-40601,



EMAIL us on

So as to reach the Board on or before Friday, 22nd February 2019 at 4:00pm


1. Siaya county public service board is an equal opportunity employer.

2. Qualified persons from other ethnic communities are highly encouraged to apply.

3. Recruitment process is absolutely free and any form of lobbying, canvasing or bribery will lead to automatic disqualification.